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Physiotherapy Services in Alberta

Physiotherapy Services in Edmonton, AB

​​The physiotherapists at Revive Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic develop personalized treatment plans that enable patients in Edmonton, AB, to resume their activities of daily living without pain and discomfort. 

We rely on techniques like hands-on joint mobilization, muscle activation and movement correction, education, and evidence-based technologies to identify and eliminate the source of your pain and improve your mechanics.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy, or physical therapy, takes a whole-body approach to healing and improving function. Your physiotherapist will perform a thorough assessment to understand your injury, limitations, and goals. They will educate you on your condition and create a tailored Physiotherapy Treatment  in Alberta plan that may include:

  • Manual Therapy - Physical therapies using hands, such as massaging, mobilizing joints, and muscle releases to aid movement and reduce pain.
  • Therapeutic Exercises - Exercise that involves certain activity that strengthens muscles and increases the flexibility and stability of the joints.
  • Modalities - Treatment options like ultrasound, TENS, and IFC to manage swelling, facilitate healing, and provide pain relief. 
  • Dry Needling - Using fine needles to release tight muscle knots and trigger points.
  • Postural Correction and Ergonomic Training - Improving biomechanics and body awareness.

Proven Benefits of Physiotherapy Treatment

  • Reduce Pain - Manual therapy and modalities alleviate muscle and joint aches.
  • Improve Mobility - Stretching, massage and joint mobilization enhance flexibility.
  • Build Strength - Specific exercises enhance muscle activation and performance. 
  • Accelerate Healing - Treatment facilitates the body's natural healing process.
  • Improve Function - Modalities reduce swelling and inflammation to improve joint function.
  • Prevent Re-Injury - Exercises improve stability and balance to avoid future injury.

Physiotherapy for Injury Recovery

From devastating sports injuries to work-related repetitive use syndromes, our physiotherapists will get you walking again. Our treatment strategies are individual, based on manual therapy, exercise prescription and other treatment modalities based on the type of injury. Our team will continually enhance the speed at which your program evolves over time to regain the flexibility, mass, and proper coordination and re-enter sporting activity seamlessly.

Physiotherapy for Chronic Conditions 

We also provide specialized treatment programs for clients suffering from chronic issues like arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, incontinence, and more. Your physiotherapist will empower you with strategies and exercises to better manage your symptoms and improve function.

Physiotherapy for Health and Wellness

In addition to treating injuries and conditions, we offer preventative Physiotherapy Services in Alberta to optimize health and wellness. This includes postural correction, ergonomic training, balance and coordination exercises, fall prevention strategies, and more. Consider physiotherapy even when pain-free to address imbalances and improve overall fitness.


Don’t let injury, pain, or dysfunction stop you from living your best life. The physiotherapists at Revive Spine and Sport use advanced manual therapy, customized exercises, education, and cutting-edge technology to get you feeling and moving better. Call us today in Edmonton, AB to schedule your assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy in Alberta, also called physical therapy, uses exercises, hands-on therapy, and modalities to help patients recover from injury, manage pain, and improve mobility and function. 

What does physiotherapy do? 

Physiotherapy addresses the root cause of dysfunction in the body by reducing inflammation, improving mobility, correcting posture, restoring strength, and facilitating the natural healing process.

When to take home physiotherapy service?

Home physiotherapy provides the convenience of therapy in the comfort of home. It’s ideal for those unable to easily travel due to injury, age, transportation limitations, or busy schedules.

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