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Physiotherapy Services in Edmonton, AB

Most physiotherapy patients find that a combination of services supports their journey towards complete, more rapid healing. So, at Revive Spine and Sport Physiotherapy Clinic in Edmonton, we offer various services. Your physiotherapist will recommend which therapies work best together to customize your treatment.

Physiotherapy is an umbrella term that includes many treatments. In general, physiotherapy helps restore your flexibility, movement, and function when you are injured or have an illness or disability. Edmonton Physiotherapy also has preventative benefits to help to reduce your risk of injury or reinjury in the future. This holistic approach involves you directly in your own care.

Alberta Health Care (AHS)

Revive clinic at Albany has a contract with the AHS. If you have broken a bone, had surgery or if you are on any of Alberta Governance Assistance programs (e.g. Seniors Cash Benefits, AISH), or considered to be of low income by the province, you may qualify for physio visits with AHS coverage. Please call our Albany clinic for more information - 780-705-0044.

Other Helpful Services:

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New Harvest Hills Location - Now Open! AHS funded Physio visits are available at our Albany location