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Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to “Revive your health” and help you “Experience the difference” in your lifestyle after your present condition is addressed at our clinics.

We understand that you are giving us your valuable time when you choose us. Most importantly, you place great confidence and immense trust in us. Therefore, we, on our part, commit ourselves to provide a positive and active treatment experience with the care and compassion that you deserve during every visit.

By understanding and acknowledging every individual’s unique needs, pointed goals will be set and developed in consultation with you. Our management strategies will be based on current evidence and the application of advanced treatment techniques aided by technology, with you as our active partner throughout the treatment spectrum.


Our vision is to have an extensive commitment to continuing education to support your recovery or improvement with current management strategies drawn by objectives. We as a group will be admired for our work culture with a demonstration of integrity, respect and efficiency. We will provide stable and rewarding employment to our staff and inspire them to be at their peak at all times.

With our commitment to promoting the health of individuals and the greater society, we hope to help prevent injuries by actively supporting the area’s school districts and sports teams. We will strive to be a pillar of healthcare in the communities we serve. Call our Edmonton physiotherapy expert today.

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New Harvest Hills Location - Now Open! AHS funded Physio visits are available at our Albany location