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TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment in Edmonton, AB

TMJ Treatment in Edmonton, AB

Customized plans to address TMJ and jaw pain are provided by Revive Spine and Sport Physiotherapy Clinic. Their varied approach integrates hands-on therapy, therapeutic exercises, and patient education aimed at TMJ symptoms as well as the underlying musculoskeletal causes.  Can TMJ be treated with physiotherapy? Let’s see.

Understanding TMJ and Its Signs

The temporomandibular joint disorder is characterized by pain in the jawbone-skull joint, leading to diverse symptoms like dull, aching jaw, clicks, pops, jaw lockings, headaches or migraines, neck or shoulder or back pains, and earaches. It interferes with carrying out daily activities such as eating and talking with others, thereby affecting one’s life in general.

In the first stages of assessment, Revive Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic offers insight into factors that contribute to each person's case of TMJ disorder. This serves as a foundation for targeted treatment for TMJ plans that are specific to each patient. 

They use this approach to deal with root causes so that their patients can enjoy comprehensive care that focuses on reducing the effects of TMD so as to increase overall quality of life in all aspects.

Physical Therapy for TMJ Harmony

Physical therapy provides conservative options for TMD that go beyond just symptom reduction, aiming for a long-term cure. Here is what kind of physical therapy is done for TMJ:

  • Hands-on Therapy – Massage, mobilizations, soft tissue release
  • Therapeutic Exercises – Strengthening muscles, enhancing mobility, correcting alignment
  • Posture Alignment – Relieve associated neck and back pain
  • Patient Education – Strategies to enable self-management; how should someone change their habits or behaviors?

Modalities like heat/ice therapy, ultrasound, TENS, low-level laser and activity adjustments help in managing pain and promoting healing. Moving forward, let’s take a look at what is the best exercise for TMJ.

Tailored Treatment Plan

Revive TMJ treatment Physiotherapy Edmonton treats issues by stressing the importance of individuality. Our goal is to create unique approaches that address all the factors contributing to TMJ disorders from a holistic perspective. The basis for advancements is created through initial evaluations, which result in focused therapies and modalities.

Patients usually have one or two weekly visits over four to six weeks, as well as home exercise programs, to continue making gains. Periodic check-ups guarantee that freedom of movement is preserved long after pain has gone away. 

This sort of personalization distinguishes Revive’s commitment to resolving rather than managing TMJ problems by realizing each patient is different and thus needs tailor-made medication for lasting health and happiness.

The Revive Advantage

Physiotherapy treatment for TMJ Edmonton stands out for multidisciplinary TMJ care. Highlights of their tailored therapy encompass:

  • Highly Proficient Licensed Physiotherapists
  • Thorough Initial Assessments
  • Personalized TMJ treatment Blueprints
  • Patient Empowerment through Education
  • Effective Non-Invasive Approaches
  • Holistic Root-Cause Perspective

If TMJ pain, jaw clicking, headaches, or mouth-opening restrictions persist, entrust your relief to physical therapy. Reach out to Revive Spine and Sport Physiotherapy Clinic to secure your comprehensive TMJ assessment. Swift and proven TMJ pain treatment awaits your call, guiding you toward a pain-free, revitalized life!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pondering Physiotherapy for TMJ Treatment Edmonton suitability for TMJ? Unearth answers to common queries:

Is physiotherapy effective for TMJ?

Absolutely, employing manual therapy, exercises, postural correction, and education proves highly effective in relieving TMJ symptoms.

What does TMJ physiotherapy involve?

Multifaceted PT integrates massage, joint mobilization, exercises, dry needling, postural training, and temperature applications.

Best exercises for TMJ?

Consult your physiotherapist for tailored exercises, spanning jaw stretches, strengthening, chin tucks, neck rotations, and relaxation techniques.

Optimal massage for TMJ?

Techniques like myofascial release, trigger point therapy, mobilizations, and stretching offer remarkable relief for TMJ muscle pain and tension.

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